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Trevor Anderson

Trevor Anderson

Co-founder Of Incoming! Marketing

Top 3 Guaranteed Ways to Get More Fertility Patients in 2020

(Even If You’re Not a Marketing Person)

In this piece, we identify 3 key areas of focus to improve your message and attract more fertility patients to your clinic.

It’s here! 2020 is off and rolling. Hopefully you’re keeping up and have launched into a successful new year. And we all know what that means: more patients, more revenue.

The new year is a great time to focus on new patient acquisitions, as people still have their resolutions and goals fresh in their minds. Time to dial in your strongest marketing techniques . . . and capitalize on the moment! 

New patients are the lifeblood of the fertility industry and the pathway to growing any medical practice. In order to help you create the strongest approach for acquiring new business, we at Incoming! Marketing pulled together some of the most important marketing aspects fertility clinics should be focusing on in 2020 to ensure growth in the new patient metric. 

Simplifying your marketing comes down to remembering your basics, using those basics to create a successful process, then following and repeating that process. We did some digging and looked back at what clients have found to be most useful over the past year. 

Here are the top three marketing aspects to focus on in 2020: 

1: Simplify & Supercharge Your Message to Attract the Right Fertility Patients

Maybe you’re overthinking it. Maybe you’ve complicated your message over time. We know how easy it is to get caught up on marketing messages. But you’ve got to take a step back and cut out the fat. In the end, the concept of marketing is quite simple: it’s communicating your brand with potential clients. 

Most people that come to your website have the same primary concern: they are having trouble starting a family. You’ve got to make your message speak to them!

USEFUL TIP: For some market research, read through some reviews for fertility clinics in your area, and look for patterns in people’s expectations and disappointments.

Ask yourself: does my message address these same fears and concerns? 

Here’s a quick one hour exercise: 

  1. Sit down in your conference room with a whiteboard or a blank sheet of paper. 
  2. Write down your clients’ main concern. 
    • Make this very broad; e.g. They want to start a family and have run into unexpected difficulties. 
  3. Write down ALL of the marketing messages you’ve used in the last 12 months. 
    • **Bonus tool!** Want to visualize how your brand is coming across? Try this word cloud tool our friend made.
  4. Weed out anything that’s confusing or doesn’t address your client’s main concern—if it’s even a little bit confusing to you, you can bet that it’s confusing to your prospects. 
  5. Trim it down until you’ve got a list of six messages you want to use this year. 
  6. Trim it down again until you’ve got your top three messages, and a backup list of three
  7. Use this new list to generate your marketing campaigns. 

This is a simple exercise, but if you put in a fair amount of effort to hone in your message, you could get major positive results. Set up some time with your team and make it a priority. In other words, simplify and supercharge your message! 

2: Highlight the Benefits You Offer 

We live in a world where everyone is obsessed with amenities. But we all know what really counts:

Quality over Quantity.

Your clinic could have a million amenities that sets it apart from others, but only by communicating the significance of those amenities—and emphasizing how your amenities are better and more unique—will you get new customers to walk through the door. 

EXAMPLE 1: Why is your clinic’s state-of-the-art equipment important? Because your doctors have up-to-date training on that equipment. Because that equipment increases the likelihood of a successful treatment. You’ve got to communicate the value, otherwise a large percentage of potential clients will never realize why they should choose you. 

EXAMPLE 2: Take your consultation. We know the consultation is free. But just because it’s free doesn’t mean you don’t have to “sell” it. Outline what happens during the consultation, and highlight why yours is unique or offers more than what your competitors might. This is a huge benefit that will help bring people through your front door, if you “sell” it right.

Make your offer stand out! Ask yourself how your business utilizes its amenities to the fullest, and create a convincing argument alongside your other marketing strategies.

You’ve got to “sell” it!

Think about and utilize this technique for everything else!

Highlighting the benefits also sets expectations. If you deliver on those expectations, people will be happy and likely to return. (Also note: as a rule of thumb, try not to promise what you can’t deliver).

You want your prospects to know what they can expect before they ever come into the office, and be satisfied when they leave. 

What else can we highlight? Here are a few more examples: 

  • Doctor’s credentials
    • “Dr. Walker is a verified ABOG physician, which means he’s committed to the latest research in his field, and thus providing you with the most current treatments that maximize your chances of a successful pregnancy.” 
  • Success stories 
    •  Don’t make anything up, but be sure to highlight the important bits. If you’re doing interviews, focus the questions on highlighting your benefits.
    • Organizational awards or recognition; national, regional, local 
  • Staff members 
    • Google reviews about receptionists and nurses go a long way; we’ve seen them make waves! 
    • We’ve also seen the exact opposite: bad reviews about receptionists and nurses. Be sure your staff is trained to treat people & behave in a way that reflects well on your clinic.
  • News stories or articles published about you 
    •  If you have a video or a news clip, utilize it. This builds authority for your brand.
  • Bedside manner 
    • Probably the most pervasive worry fertility patients have after any doctor visit, is that they feel like they were whisked in and out, that they were just another number. Highlight the personalized experience your staff strives to provide. 

If there’s something that you’re proud of, you’ve got to shout it from the rooftops! Highlight anything that sets you apart.

All of this will improve your website and ensure that your marketing materials deliver on their purpose: to help potential customers come in for a consultation with one of your reproductive endocrinologists. See? More patients, more revenue. 

3 : Track Your Efforts, Evaluate, & Improve 

You need a system that tracks! In the current tech world you can literally track every phone call, web form, click, and inquiry down to the keywords a person has typed into Google. And don’t worry, you don’t have to understand how it all works. Just get someone on board who does.

Tracking will give you an informed idea of where to allocate your marketing budgets. If you’re making $5 for every $1 you spend on Google Ads, that’s a solid ROI. Definitely keep investing in that campaign! 

In contrast, if your Facebook marketing is losing you $0.50 for every $1 you spend (not uncommon), that’s obviously not a good trade. You need to either rethink your system or reallocate to a channel that is working. 

If you’re going into 2020 without proper tracking, you’re feeling your way around a dark room while your competitors are basking in the warm sun. 

We’re passionate about tracking at Incoming! Marketing We’ve developed a unique tracking system specifically for fertility clinics. It’s a 100% HIPAA-compliant system with a custom dashboard to see and understand where each call and inquiry is coming from. Schedule a 30 minute call with us to learn more about it and our other offers. If you want 2020 to be a year of useful, strong data, you’ve got to track! 


That’s it! We know these ideas aren’t groundbreaking. But we’re fans of simplicity, and we know what works from experience.

These three marketing techniques made a huge difference for our clients in 2019, and as you build your fertility clinic’s patient roster in 2020 we encourage you to: Simplify & Supercharge Your Message; Highlight Your Benefits; and Track Track Track.

Do these things correctly, and you’ll bring in new customers left and right. Should you need any help, we at Incoming! Marketing are always here, and happy to lend a hand.