Trevor Anderson

Trevor Anderson

Co-founder Of Incoming! Marketing

Case Study: Dentist in Midwestern Suburbia

Problem: Google Ads not Delivering Enough Conversions Monthly

This dentist came to us in Oct 2019 with a problem: they just weren’t getting enough leads from their Google Ads.

Their previous ad managers weren’t doing much work to optimize the campaign.

They were spending around $2500 per month and only netting one or two new patients, which was quickly becoming unsustainable for them.

Things needed to change, and they needed to change fast.

Where to Begin:

Here at Incoming! Marketing, we have experience with inheriting poorly managed accounts.

After diving through the last year of data, we identified the best way to get more performance for the account.

These included organization, location focus, competitors, and better copywriting.


In the last few years, the importance of the organization of a campaign has become larger than ever.

We quickly saw that those who had managed the campaign previously had painted themselves into a corner with their own organization.

We restructured the ad groups based on what had converted, and siloed the best keywords into each based on search terms from the previous year and a half of data.

Location Focus

In our experience with dentists, location plays an important role. We set up a tiered system focusing on their best-converting ZIP codes and radii in the previous year. Essentially, the closer the prospect, the more we would bid.

We immediately saw this make a big difference on how the campaigns were showing and the behavior of the searchers. We were attracting more serious searchers with higher intent .


We wanted our ads to stand out. We used tools to pull the competitors’ ads and see what they were selling.

Would we need to change the pitch?

Were we highlighting something unique?

We also dived deeply into the reviews of both this clinic and its competitors. What were the primary concerns each had? Would we allay these on the landing page and in the ads?

Copywriting & Demographics

We focused on making sure this dental clinic stood out to the right people.

We listed out the concerns the patients had. We came up with copy that highlighted the important details about the practice, their awards, their specializations, and more.


The results of November 2019 speak for themselves:

“dental office” and “Family Dentist” were new ad groups, so they don’t show an increase due to no previous data available.

Key Performance Indicators:

Conversions More than doubled, cost per conversion came down slightly

Overall, we were happy with the results, and the clinic was as well. They converted more of these leads into new patients than previously, meaning that the quality of the conversions also rose during November.

One more bragging point: the dental clinic was closed for most of the last week of November, meaning we had the ads off for 5 out of 21 weekdays. Even still, the performance more than doubled from October.

We’re excited to see the results from continuing with this client.

“Whatever you did, it worked!”

Quote from the Client

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