Trevor Anderson

Trevor Anderson

Co-founder Of Incoming! Marketing

Case Study: Dentist in the West

Problem: Not Enough New Patients From Google Ads

This dentist came to us in early October 2019 complaining of a lack of new patients from their Google Ads.

They had a monthly ads budget of $2500 and needed more calls coming in.

Where to Begin

Here at Incoming!, we save a lot of poorly performing accounts.

After auditing the account and campaign health, we made a plan of action to get more results in November 2019.

We adjusted organization, location, and ad copywriting.


Organization is one of the most important part of Google Ads performance.

It’s easy to to accidentally make it difficult to get the results you’re aiming for with your ads.

We restructured and future-proofed the organization in the account with one goal in mind: be able to control what happens in every ad group.


In our initial audit, we saw that the location targeting wasn’t granular at all. They were targeting a large radius around their practice.

For dentists, each service offered has a different level of patient willingness-to-travel.

People just looking for a dentist will find the closest dentist.

People looking for specialized cosmetic procedures will travel to see the right expert.

We revamped the location targeting and demographics by service.

We also implemented a tiered bid adjustment strategy.

The results started pouring in after these changes were made.

Ad Copywriting:

Winning ads are the key to any activity on Google Ads.

We needed to make sure our ads addressed the concerns of the prospects.

We needed to highlight our client’s Unique Selling Point in order to set them apart from the competition.


Our November 2019 results hold their own:

We had a lot of increases overall.

Key Performance Indicators:

We doubled the conversions, and the office loved the quality of patients coming in.

Overall, we’re happy with the results and so was the clinic. Their cost per patient reportedly dropped by 23% in November.

We’re excited to see what results we can continue to get this client.

Is your dental marketing suffering? Are you getting patients from your ads? Just want to explore your options for a diversified online strategy?

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