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Trevor Anderson

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IVF Marketing Strategies – How To Improve Yours

In-vitro fertilization is often the main source of revenue for fertility clinics. If you haven’t figured it out yet, we want to help! Building out IVF Marketing Strategies that actually work might just be easier than you think.

If you need to take a step back, we’ve written about more general fertility marketing strategies before. But in this article, we’ll focus specifically on IVF marketing strategies.

Like all good things, assessing where you are, what’s missing, and how you’re going to move forward strategically are the keys to successfully executing your IVF marketing strategy.

In other words, you need a plan, and not just any old plan.

You need an actionable plan.

1. Defining Where Your IVF Marketing Plan Currently Stands

The first step to any plan is to find out where you are. Look at the following and measure how you’re doing:

  • Website: Is it bringing in new patients?
    • Do you know how they’re finding your website (Google? Facebook? Referral site? )
    • Is everything up to date?
    • Is it loading fast? (this is very important in 2020)
  • “Organic” Google presence
    • What keywords do you rank for?
    • What keywords do your competitors rank for?
  • Advertising: What are you using?
    • Google Ads
    • Print media
    • Doctor’s Offices
    • Social Media Ads
    • Doctor’s offices
    • Billboards, etc.
    • Print Media, mailers
  • Social Media Posts
  • Content Marketing, including
    • Blog posts
    • Social media posts
    • Email campaigns

2. Identifying What Really Matters for Your IVF Marketing Strategies

With so many tools and platforms available, deciding what is essential is your key to success. After all, you want to focus the bulk of your efforts on what actually works.

The best way to tell what will be successful is by using the information from step #1. Utilize your self assessment to identify the low hanging fruit.

It’s worth remembering that as a rule, only around 3% of your target market is ready to buy now.

ivf marketing strategies pyramid
The general spread of your target market

The rest are in “information-gathering mode.”

Many of these people could become patients, but they’ll need to find the information they’re looking for first.

How do you reach these people and convince them to choose your clinic?

Build Value for Your Patients

The cornerstone of your IVF marketing strategy needs to be building value for your patients.

Building value for them involves giving them the information they’re looking for.

Useful content on your website’s blog is a good place to start building value.

If you need somewhere to start, write blog posts that answer the questions most frequently asked when someone calls in.

Continue by addressing some of the concerns often raised during consultations.

Naturally, you’ll want to use prudence when addressing concerns before consultations. Some things are better said within the consultation itself.

Optimize your ivf marketing strategies

By providing the information people are searching for, you’ll accomplish:

  • Staying Top-of-Mind for the prospect
  • Establishing your expertise
  • Showing your prospect that their interests are your interests

Build Value: Level 2

Once these blog posts are established, the next step to optimizing your IVF Marketing Strategies is to build a “lead magnet.”

A “lead magnet” is something of value that users can download in exchange for their email.

This is how you can build a more “captive” audience.

Titles such as “5 Things You Need to Know About IVF From a Board-Certified Fertility Expert” or “10 Things to Know About IVF Before Scheduling a Consultation” can prove to be attractive and interesting to your prospects.

There are many services to create this type of document. You could hire someone to write it, or write it yourself and have them lay it out and make it look professional.

The key here is that you’re not going to spam them once you have their email, you’re only going to send them relevant information that they will find both interesting and valuable.

Build your Email Campaign that will Maximize Your IVF Marketing Strategy

Your email campaign will need to be useful. Each email should meet the following criteria:

  1. be short and to the point
  2. contain a call-to-action
  3. link people back to content (blog post, page, etc) on your website.
  4. be human by:
    1. sharing success stories
    2. introducing your doctor(s)

A call-to-action doesn’t have to include a lot of “sales pressure.”

The point is to just guide the prospect toward taking action in the best way forward. In this case, you want them to schedule a consultation.

The key to this isn’t going to be a high-pressure sales pitch. You’ll just want to make it easier.

Just append your emails with something like “when you feel ready, you can schedule a no-obligation fertility consultation with Dr. Nguyen.”

It’s low pressure, but it shows that they can trust you. Already, you’ve provided them value with your lead magnet, and now you’re positioning yourself for the next action on your patients’ buying process.

The majority of your emails should show your success stories. Social proof is important for you patients, and in our research of the hundreds of clinics nationwide, we found that social proof is often the #1 factor when making a choice of fertility clinic.

3. Measure, Report, and Improve your IVF Marketing Strategies

The difference between IVF Marketing Strategies that work and IVF Marketing Strategies that don’t work comes down to improving it over time.

When you launch a new campaign on a channel, be it SEO, Search Ads, Social Media Ads, or something else, you need to measure it carefully in the months that follow.

Integrate call tracking solutions like WhatConverts or CallRail (make sure you stay HIPPA-compliant!).

Make a Google Sheet to track your campaigns, what you’re spending, and what you’re getting from them. Or go “old school” and use a whiteboard. You have to know what’s happening!

As part of your clinic’s business meetings, be sure to go over what’s working, what needs work, and what your plan is each month.

The point is this: if it can be tracked, it can be improved.

Conclusion: Make Your IVF Marketing Strategies Better by Planning, Executing, and Improving them.

Hopefully, by understanding the above, you’ll be able to level up your IVF Marketing Strategies and improve them over time.

If you have questions about your IVF Marketing strategy, don’t hesitate to reach out for help! We’ve been working in marketing for years specifically with IVF clinics & we can provide help with related strategies.

IVF Marketing Strategies can be complicated, but with these tips and careful tracking, you’re sure to get more patients.